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aKa Dance Theatre Company

1 October 2014

aKa Dance Theatre Company are currently Company in Residence at Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre.

This new Somerset dance company, started up by Somerset graduates Jenny Grant and Joe Garbett has just completed a tour of secondary schools and colleges across Somerset as part of a commission through Taunton Youth Dance Company and Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre's county-wide dance initiative: War and Peace: Commemorating the Centenary Through Dance, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The company has been supported by Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre providing space for them to create work and guidance on how to develop as a company, build their profile and increase their financial sustainability.

The company has been cruical in feeding into and developing the centre's community programme.


aKa Dance Theatre Company's Artistic Policy

aKa has an intelligent and raw approach to physical and visual mediums which blends a provoking artistic identity. Imagination together with play allows each creation to lie somewhere between fiction and reality. Power driven statements, commanding physicality and striking images are daringly woven together injecting organic moments that exist and then resonate beyond performance.



aKa received over 100 applicants to be involved in the project. Auditions proved a great opportunity for the company to broaden their audience and to introduce the venue to a wide range of artists - many of whom travelled from London - showcasing Somerset as a county that is producing contemporary work of a high standard. 

Following the audition Sabrina Gargano and Verena Schneider joined the company.


The Creative Process: Women for World Disarment Commission

aKa Dance Theatre Company have been working towards developing a new piece of choreography exploring the life of Kathleen Tacchi-Morris and her journey from RAF worker to ardent peace campaigner. 

The main seed of the work is the idea of peace, through the piece aKa question when we are at peace as individuals and as a society, and how we can create and maintain a peaceful way of living without aggression.

The company began the creative process through research. They then took their ideas and questions about Tacchi's life into the studio - exploring her roles and identities through play, with open scores in which the space is free to be challenged by movement, text, objects and relationships. These introduced images that were successful and loaded with meaning. 

Come and see aKa perform - click here for more information


Workshops for Schools and Colleges

The company has a strong ethos towards educating through the arts. At present the company have completed four workshops, have two further workshops booked. 


The Workshop Aims To…

Show how to use historical stimulus to create choreography

Explore ways to convey WW1 experiences through dance

Explore the life of Kathleen Tacchi-Morris (ardent peace campaigner and Somerset resident)

Providing an insight into education/dance pathways for young people and emerging artists

Give an experience of both in-depth and foundation techniques within contemporary dance and physical theatre

Have fun and create a comfortable environment to explore artistic vocabularies and movement.


A Selection of Student Feedback from the Workshops - The things I enjoyed most about the workshop...

"Learning to link ideas to dance movement" Morwenna, Queens College

"Learning the piece from their performance and seeing how it connected with to the chosen poem/speech" Bryony, Bridgwater College Academy

"Working with a new company" Victoria, The SPACE

If you are interested in booking a workshop with aKa download their education pack here