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Drama Passport Spring 2018

21 November 2017

If you love top quality theatre then why not take advantage of our brand new Drama Passport for Spring 2018!



Drama Passport 2018

If you love top quality drama then why not take advantage of our brand new Drama Passport for Spring 2018. This offer includes three incredible performances that reflect the high standard of theatre in our programme as well as introducing some really exciting companies to Taunton.


How does it work?

It's simple. When all three of the shows appear in the order basket at the same time, you will automatically get a whopping 25% discount on your total order! What's not to love?


Which shows can I book?

The shows included in this deal are:


Dick Tracy by Le Navet Bete

Thursday 15 March, 7:30pm

£13 / £11 Concs. / £8 Students

Newsflash! There's been a series of high-profile crimes right across the city - but fear not. The police chief's put his best man on the job - Dick Tracy. It's now down to the square-jawed, hard-hitting, fast-shooting, comic book detective to solve the crime the only way he knows how...the crime solving way.


Will Tracy be able to save the day, get the girl and get to the bottom of who's causing the mayhem? Or perhaps the truth is closer than he thinks...


With their work rooted in the ridiculous, Le Navet Bete's Dick Tracy is a physical comedy influenced by the world-famous detective incorporating fooling, original live music, plenty of audience interaction, lightning quick character changes, incredibly authentic accents spattered with mystery, malice and mischief.



Crimes Under the Sun by New Old Friends
Thursday 12 April, 7:30pm
£12 All tickets


A secluded island hotel just off the English coast becomes a crime scene, as a scandal-inducing femme-fatale is felled. All the guests on the island are suspects, but are they alone and is this the first crime this idyllic island has witnessed?


Award-winning theatre company New Old Friends present Crimes Under the Sun, a comedy thriller directed by James Farrell (Associate Director - The 39 Steps, West End). The show features four actors playing multiple outrageous characters, and a plot that romps along in the company’s trademark inventive style.


Inspired by Agatha Christie, Hitchcock and film noir, you are invited on a hilarious but murderous trip to a classic English Riviera retreat.



Fall Out by Highly Sprung

Friday 20 April, 7:30pm

£12 / £9 Students



You’re told to work hard, go to school, get your exams, blah, blah, blah. Why bother? You’d rather be in a club, having a laugh. Chilling with your mates. But then there’s your mate Jay, he’s really down. Lost all hope. What you don’t know is that Jay’s got a plan.


Highly Sprung’s high-energy physical theatre performance takes you inside a nightclub where three teenage friends embark on a journey of love, loss and self-discovery. You will be immersed in a frantic, energy fuelled production of dance, music, aerial movement and storytelling.


Fall Out was written in response to a growing concern that more young people are becoming disempowered, that they no longer have a voice or control over their own futures. Suicide rates amongst young people have risen in recent years and statistics suggest that 33% of young people (aged 16-24) consider taking their own lives.