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Page is Printed 2016 Winners announced!

20 June 2016

Our annual Literary Festival drew to a close with two fantastic evenings of theatre and spoken word.​ Three fantastic plays were perform

Our annual Literary Festival drew to a close with two fantastic evenings of theatre and spoken word.

Every year, as part of the Page is Printed Literary Festival, Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre invites emerging playwrights to submit their scripts to be one of three selected to be staged at the Page to Stage scratch night of new writing and performance.

The winners are awarded the use of Tacchi-Morris facilities for rehearsals and showcased their work on Thursday 16th June to a live audience.

The three new plays that were performed were:


The Supply Chain

By Maya Pieris


Once Around the Bay

By Nicola Dawson


Report from the Judenplatz

By Sue Boyle


All of the plays were completely different in style and dealt with stories surrounding the Bridport Wildcat Women campaigning for equal pay, a comedic sketch involving two competing couples trying to ‘one-up’ each other and eventually being outwitted by a café owner and a sea captain, and a chilling adaptation about Jewish people before deportation by train to the camps. The feedback for all of the plays was overwhelmingly positive and congratulations to all the playwrights and performers for pulling together some incredible performances in a very short space of time.



On Friday 17th June we hosted the Page is Printed Celebration Evening, where many of the entrants to the competition came to read their A4 stories at an open mic night.

We received over 150 entries in the Page is Printed competition from across the country in a variety of styles and genres including poems, short stories, letters, shopping lists, magazine articles, rulebooks, memories and retellings of old classics.

The Celebration Evening involved entrants reading their entries aloud and there was a warm air of support surrounding everyone who spoke, especially for some of our younger entrants. The judges of the adult competition Clare Donoghue, Graeme Ryan, Louise Lappin-Cook and Claire Martin were very impressed by all of the entries that were submitted and would like congratulate everyone who entered.


The three winning entries from the Adult competition are:

Vitruvian Woman by Heather Pearson

Gone by Rowan Patterson

El Dia De Los Muertos by Anne Wilson


The winners of the Under 18's competition are:

The Old Man and the Three by Kirill Nezhentsev

War Games by Pearl Andrews-Horrigan

The Chrysalis by Adelphi Eden


If you would like to read any of the winning or commended entries, then download the anthology by clicking here.

Below are the winning entries for the new ‘Best on the Night’ prize. This prize was awarded to the person or persons whose piece had the most impact on the night and sounded the best when read aloud.


Why? by Anna Marie Lord

Why, oh why do we fight?
And kill, and slaughter, and burn.
Murder or massacre, execute, choke,
Why, oh why do we fight?

Why, oh why can’t we fly?
Soar above mountains and trees.
Float through the clouds, bobbing on the breeze
Why, oh why can’t we fly?

I wish, of I wish that the world could be healed!
That no one would fight or be cruel.
No one would cry, we’d be able to fly!
Oh I wish that the world could be healed.


Mr Point One Percent! by Ross Young

I read the label - saw the terms                         
This clever stuff kills all known germs
99.9% it read
Impressive? Bugs you'll soon be dead!

I scrubbed, I rubbed, I polished clean
Basins, loos, tiles 'till they gleamed
Next morning it was such a pain
Everything was black again

Once more I set about the task
I scrubbed and rubbed until I gasped
I finished - energy well spent
Then spotted him - 'POINT ONE PERCENT'!

He stood there looking up at me
Smiling so defiantly
I splashed him with the evil brew
He never flinched, because he knew
He, the bug I wished to throttle
Loved the contents of this bottle

Now I'm intelligent, no mug
I had to rid me of this bug
Devised a plan and stuck to it
.......'POINT ONE PERCENT' was up for it!

Boiling water was no use
He laughed, enjoying such abuse
I tried to zap him with a swat
He moved so fast, there he was not!
I tried and tried but still he lingered
Excruciatingly two fingered
Honestly, I say with dread
He always was one step ahead.

Six weeks of battling every day
It came to me - there was a way!
He was a pain, a swine and yet
Why not treat him as a pet?

I chose one place to make a mess
Not any mess, a MIGHTY mess!
Other places clean and bright
Save this oasis full of shite!
A playroom for 'POINT ONE PERCENT'
And this was where he pitched his tent!

So now the problem's gone away
I've fenced it off so he can play
Content that it is his domain
He'll never stray from here again

In this, his place, he squirts and squirms
Elsewhere is free of nasty germs
We live in peace, all snug, content
Me and my bug 'POINT ONE PERCENT'!