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Page is Printed 2019 - Competition Winners

27 April 2019

Saturday 27th April saw the culmination of the 2019 Page is Printed Creative Writing Competition, and what a fabulous night of spoken word we had!


What an incredible year it's been for our annual Page is Printed Creative Writing Competition! Tacchi-Morris received well over 100 entries, with people applying from all over the globe (even as far as New Zealand)! We were blown away by the vast assortment of genres and styles, making every piece so unique and interesting to read.


Saturday 27th April bore witness to our annual Page is Printed Celebration Evening, held at the Tacchi-Morris, where we invite all entrants for an evening of creativity, laughter, and the sharing of all creative works (as well as a welcoming invitation to the Tacchi-Morris bar). We had a brilliant turn-out of lots of enthusiastic, creative and good-humoured writers, and the evening was a great success. To finalise the evening, we announced the winners of this year's competition...


Lucy Banks - A Brief Ride with the Ferryman



Grace Powell - Finbar



Liz Andersen - Random Thoughts on a Train Journey Home

Dixie Darch - Biopic

Vaughan Davies - Giving for Strangers

Linda Fleming - Sanctuary

Ruth Foster - Molly

Claire Jeanes - Parallel Lives

Dawn Lawrence - The Cave of Winds

Jennie Tucker - Planet Earth Will Soon Be Closing, Please Make Your Final Choices

Jennie Tucker - The Extraordinary Coda of Rosemary Finn

Chris Scriven - Excuses



Tilly Young - Shoes



Emily Crew - Dots

Molly Nash - The Old Gods

Eliza Williams - Cranes and Courage


Our most sincere congratulations and well done to all who entered. It takes a great deal of courage to get one's thoughts onto paper and to share them with others, and a great deal more to read those words out loud to an auditorium full of people. The Celebration Evening had a brilliant atmosphere and was full of supportive and welcoming writers and non-writers alike, so thank you also to all who came to show their support. 


If there's one thing that we hope to achieve from this competition, it's that we inspire creativity. We hope that all who entered go away from this and continue to write, continue to enter competitions and continue to inspire others. We hope that they all had as much fun as we have for this year's competition and that many will continue to enter the competition for years to come. 


Thank you all!