The Bohemians

The Bohemians

A concert featuring a comprehensive re-enactment of Queen’s Greatest Hits.

Internationally renowned Queen Tribute band, The Bohemians, will be hitting the UK theatre circuit again with another finely honed rendition of Queen’s finest compositions.

This time, the emphasis will be on the ever-popular Greatest Hits compilations, I & II.

Billed as ‘The World’s Most Exciting Queen Tribute’, The Bohemians start proceedings as they mean to continue...

Right from the beginning you will be gripped by a bombastic, authentic audiovisual representation of Queen’s iconic Wembley ’86 performance as The Bohemians burst onto the stage to the strains of One Vision and A Kind Of Magic. So many fabulous hits to be covered, but they’re all here. From the early piano and harmony heavy wonders of Killer Queen and Don’t Stop Me Now, to the later catchy pop anthems of the eighties.

The second hour of the performance will concentrate on the later hits of Queen, and once again, there are so many to choose from.

The stunning Breakthru, will provide both the introduction and the costume presentation for this part of the set which will include a new feature of The Bohemians stage show, a slick rendering of classics from the late eighties and early nineties era. I Want It All, The Show Must Go On and the haunting Days Of Our Lives will be just some of those featured.

Next up will be the sights and sounds of the famous Live Aid performance and of course, the awesome Bohemian Rhapsody. Then back to Wembley ’86 for a suitably rousing finale when The Bohemians will have you on your feet, singing, dancing, and clapping along to the likes of We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. The appropriate climax to a truly memorable live re-enactment of the World’s greatest rock band.

Further details of their tour and date availability: Lee James Associates Ltd.


The Band:

Rob Comber: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano

Christopher Gregory: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Wayne Bourne: Drums, Backing Vocals

Kevin Goodwin: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Location: London & Home Counties
Email: [email protected] 


The Bohemians:

The Bohemians, established in 1996, re-enact the glory days of Queen, including the craziness of the 70's and the magic of the 80's, proving themselves to be the most dynamic and exciting Queen Tribute Band currently touring. 

They have performed all over the UK, Europe and the World at football stadiums, festivals, theatres and other prestigious venues. The Bohemians in their majestic magnificence receive standing ovations in response to their electrifying representation of a Queen Live Concert. 

Rob Comber's outrageous stage antics and personality makes him the perfect Freddie. Christopher Gregory's red special enables him to get as close as possible to Brian May's inimitable style. Wayne Bourne hammers the tubs like drummer Roger Taylor, and Kevin Goodwin provides that unmistakable Queen backline on bass. 

Their high-energy two hour show with full staging, lighting, backdrops and pyrotechnics has earned them the reputation of being the World's most exciting Queen tribute act. 

The Bohemians set includes all the piano driven hit singles: Killer Queen; Somebody To Love; Don't Stop Me Now; You're My Best Friend; We Are The Champions and the amazing award winning Bohemian Rhapsody. These hits are balanced with the guitar led anthems; Tie Your Mother Down; Hammer To Fall; One Vision; I Want It All; We Will Rock You and the acoustic vocal tracks 39 and the unforgettable Love Of My Life. The Bohemians ability to recreate Queen live is something truly special. 

Audience Feedback...

"The Bohemians are absolutely AMAZING! I am 20 years old & so so gutted that Freddie is no longer living, knowing I will never have the chance to see Queen live. Seeing you guys play really made it real for me & is the closest I will get to seeing Queen live! Keep doing what you're doing! You guys are amazing! Thankyou for making it so real for me!"



"Well , what a fantastic night. We hadn't seen you before but we were so so impressed and will definitely be along again. That was a great show and being an old Queen fan it was a real treat to hear some of the early songs being performed so well. Thank you to all of you and keep up the great work and keep enjoying it, that really comes across."



"I have been a Queen fan since their 'Old Grey Whistle Test' appearance in 1975 and wasn't sure whether I would enjoy a tribute band, but you really pull it off. As well as bringing Queen into the room, you are great performers in your own right."



An Ode To The Bohemians

They look a lot like Queen
They sing the best songs that ever have been
The singer's real flash 
With a well-groomed Tash
They're the best band I've ever seen.

The Guitarist is six foot or more
He's the best Brian I ever saw
He plays all the licks
He knows all the tricks
He's my favorite out of all four.

He bangs on the drums with great passion
His shades are all the fashion
He gets his kicks from banging his sticks
In that stripey top he looks dashing.

Last but not least is the bass man
He plays riffs that no one but John can
He wears T-Shirts and shorts
Well it takes all sorts
He's the cool-headed one in the Band.



Please ring the Box Office (01823 414141) if you have access requirements or to book wheelchair seats as this booking facility is not available online.


09 March, 2019 – 09 March, 2019

TICKET PRICES: Standard £21 | Concession £20