Creative Writing Competition Launches

Page is Printed

Tacchi-Morris Community Arts Centre’s annual creative writing competition officially launched yesterday. The Page is Printed challenges writers, poets, and other literary lovers to craft a piece of work that covers a maximum of a single side of A4 paper. Those wishing to take part have until midnight on Sunday 22 January 2023 to submit their entries.

Write in any genre: prose, poetry, script, a confession, a love letter, a list… be bold, be imaginative, but contain your entry to just one side of A4.

The panel of judges will be looking for something that dares to be different and most importantly something that comes to life when it is read aloud.

Marketing Officer Alex Perry noted, “Every year, writers and poets from Somerset, and those from further afield, amaze us with their creative writing. It’s great to see the strength of the local literary scene, and the passion that these writers posses is abundantly clear. Writing is such a rewarding creative outlet, and we are proud that writers young and old choose to share their creations with us year after year. We can’t wait to read this year’s entries!”.

Work from past entrants has been proudly displayed in the Art Centre’s exhibition areas, and this year will be no different; from Tuesday 28 February to Monday 24 April you will be able to see some of the fantastic entries for yourself!

To read more about the competition and learn how to enter, visit the dedicated competition event page.

As part of their focus on creative writing, Tacchi-Morris have also announced a free community bar event with a literary theme on Friday January 26, and a pair of literary events on Saturday 25 February; a poetry workshop, and the Page is Printed Celebration Evening.

Do You Think Earth Misses Us?

Do You Think Earth Misses Us

Graeme Ryan, Anita Roy and other Somerset-based writers will be hosting an evening of environmental discussion, readings, poems and more. This event will ask, ‘Do you think Earth misses us?’ This is a free event, hosted in our spacious bar area.

More information can be found here.

The Imaginative Spark Poetry Workshop

Imaginative Spark
Imaginative Spark – image by Jamie Street – Unsplash

Are you interested in firing up your imagination, capturing feelings and experience in words?

Then join this friendly, inclusive, accessible poetry workshop led by experienced teacher and prize-winning poet, Graeme Ryan. During the afternoon you’ll explore a range of techniques and ways of writing poetry together, with guided time and plenty of individual feedback.

The workshop participants and Graeme will work as a very supportive group – the poetry workshop is suitable both for those new to poetry and those who already write – enthusiasm and a sense of adventure are the key!

For more information or to book, please visit the event page.

The Page is Printed 2023 Creative Writing Competition Celebration Evening

An evening of spoken word celebrating this year’s entrants to The Page is Printed creative writing competition. Words will be shared and winners will be announced.

There is also a £25 ‘Best on the Night’ prize, so come and share your work even if you haven’t entered.

Entrants to the creative writing competition, and the poetry workshop earlier in the day will all receive a single ticket to the celebration evening. To book additional tickets, or to attend if you are not entering the competition, please visit the event page and click “Book Now”.