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Sat 2 Apr 2022

We are celebrating completing Stage 1 of a new LED Stage Lighting Switchover project. The generous support of West Monkton Parish Council, who have provided a grant of £14,500, means we have now switched 75% of our stage lighting to low-energy LED stage lights.

The project allowed 62 stage lights to be replaced by only 41 LED stage lights. The old lights had a combined total of 72,000 watts overall power consumption compared with the new LED lights which only use 4,500 watts in total. This 67,500 watts reduction, impacting over the course of a year, creates a significant reduction for the arts centre and is much more environmentally friendly.

The new LED lights also have technology that enables them to change colour when required. This feature means there is improved safety due to less working at height for our Technical Team – who are often required to climb ladders to change colour gels.

The team at West Monkton Parish Council said, ‘We are exceptionally fortunate to have the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre located in our Parish and as such, the Parish Council is pleased to be able to offer support where we feel it is required to benefit our community. Last year as part of the Parish Council’s ‘Build Back Better’ initiative we supported the creation of the new coffee bar and the upgrade of the ground floor furniture upgrade. This year we are delighted to once again be giving our support but this time as part of our environmental initiative. Through the funds offered by West Monkton Parish Council, Andy and his team will be installing new low energy lights which will significantly reduce both the centre’s Carbon Footprint and its running costs’.

Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre Director Andy Pulleyn said, ‘We are so grateful to the West Monkton Parish Council for their support with this project.  Changing these lights to LED means we reduce our energy use and environmental impact, lower our running costs and improve health and safety for our team. It’s hard to think of a better project. Stage 2 of this project converts the remaining 25% of our stage lighting to LED but, because it involves changing and upgrading our infrastructure, it is significantly more expensive. We’re hoping to find more support from possible funders to help us finish the job and be 100% low-energy.’