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Songwriters - Dan Haynes

Thu 1 Jan, 12:00am



Whether it’s in a cosy folk club still lost in the sixties, or a modern-day arena pulsing with energy, a great song never fails to capture and transport an audience. Yet whilst some artists merely manage the magic a handful of times, there are others who strike gold time and time again. 

An acoustic guitar masterclass! A thrilling experience.’


In this long-awaited, debut show Songwriters, Dan Haynes pays tribute to a host of songwriter legends that have managed the magic time and time again. From the epic George Harrison, Paul Simon and Don Mclean to the contemporary icons Ben Howard, Laura Marling and Bon Iver, Dan recreates and reimagines hit songs in this stunning concert. It is a must-see for all lovers of acoustic music.

Serious skills as a guitarist and songwriter.’


Interwoven with his original music, this ‘’acoustic guitar masterclass’’ (Media Luchs, Germany) received five-star reviews at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019.

Get your ticket now.

Nice line in rolling guitar patterns over which he sings with warmth and tenderness.’


  • TICKETS: Standard £12
  • TICKET OFFERS: Free complimentary drink (our standard wine/beer/soft drink) with every ticket
  • SEATING: Cabaret seating set-up
  • ACCESS: Please ring the Box Office (01823 414141) if you have access requirements or to book wheelchair seats as this booking facility is not available online. 

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