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The Page is Printed 2021

Thu 1 Jan, 12:00am

Pens at the ready, the TMAC annual creative writing competition is back!

Write in any genre: prose, poetry, script, a confession, a love letter, a list… be bold, be imaginative, but contain your entry to just one side of A4.

Taking place in autumn this year, our panel of judges will be looking for something that dares to be different and most importantly something that comes to life when it is read aloud.

This year, under 18’s are asked to respond to the stimuli ‘Where do we go from here’.

The deadline for the competition is Sun 26 Sep

How to enter

  • Write your one page entry
  • Download and fill in our submission form. PDF version | Word version
  • (For adults) Click the Book Now button and purchase the appropriate number of entries
  • Email your 1 sided entry and the completed submission form to or follow the posting instructions on the form

Don’t forget

The Page is Printed 2021: Celebration Evening takes place on Sat 23 Oct, 7:30m.

Anyone who has entered the competition is entitled to one free ticket. For more information or to book more Celebration Evening tickets visit the event here.

So what are you waiting for? Enter your masterpiece now!

  • TICKETS: One entry £5, three entries for £10
  • TICKET OFFERS: FREE entry for Under 18s (one entry only)
  • ENTRY DEADLINE: Sun 26 Sep